When calling in, or posting on a forum to get help with a RAID recovery, one should have the following info readily available.

  1. What is the array type, RAID0, RAID0+1, RAID5, whatever.
  2. How many drives were in the array originally. Might seem surprising but every once in a while there is a difficulty establishing the number of drives with an appropriate degree of certainity.
  3. How many drives are available now.
  4. Are there any known drives with a mechanical hard drive damage? If yes, how many drives are affected?
  5. What device the array comes from? Is it a NAS (and what model), brand server (what brand, model, and configuration options), or maybe a homebuilt machine (controller model or RAID software).

Although these questions may appear very simple, it still takes time to gather that information. When you got a RAID incident, collect this info as soon as practical.


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