Modern RAID recovery capabilities

Speaking of automatic RAID recovery software, there is still much to do.

In ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery, we have the basics and classics pretty well covered, that includes RAID0, RAID5, and RAID 0+1/1+0 by reduction to RAID 0. There are a couple of other vendors out there who provide similar capabilities, so it is a done deal.

There are other RAID levels, in which neither we nor other vendors offer anything automatic. We could probably do something of E-series layouts (RAID 1E or 5E/EE), but we don't see a real demand for it. Automatic RAID 6 recovery looks more interesting and maybe we'd even give it a shot someday.

Also, all the current automatic RAID recovery tools rely on the RAID members having the same offset across all the physical disks. This works fine for hardware RAIDs, but can be a hinderance if you need a software RAID recovery. This requirement is not likely to go away in a near future because the computational power requirements to find offsets for array members exceed the available capabilities. Especially if we're talking something practical like 6x 2TB hard drives in the array.


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