x64 data recovery

We have a 5TB raid 5 ... I think the MBR got messed up and windows server 2003 no longer is able to view the contents of the virtual disk... ... recovery software ... will fail due to the large amount of files we have, about 64 million files.
Some raid software will save the recovered files to another disk.. however 5TB is a large amount of data to save and we do not have any disks or other virtual disks that large.
(from ServerFault)

I suppose we can do that 64 million files, should be interesting to test.

As far as pricing goes, 5 TB swap space is just 3x 2TB WD Caviar Green in RAID 0. At a cost of 4x Caviar Greens you get the same swap space protected by RAID5. At about $60 a pop, the entire lot would cost about $250. The initial cost of purchase is then further offset by putting the temporary drives to use as a backup media.


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