24x 1TB RAID

RAID 10 or RAID6? - from this topic at hardware analysis.

The question is which one would I choose for total data protection? Quite typically, the answer is neither, although the idea never came up in the original thread.

What would be the correct setup and why? The correct setup would be to split the drives in two systems, with separate power, and LAN connection between them. First system is hardware RAID5 (with 11+1 disks), or RAID 10 (with 2x6 disks) depending on what you need, and second is the backup machine with 12 drives based on software RAID (because only one hardware controller is available per the original question).

Now if the backup system is normally shut off with wall plug removed from the wall, and is only connected once a week while the backup is underway, the data is protected against most threats (save for fire and natural disasters).

And as far as boot time goes, no, you rather design a system so it boots using a RAID 1 or maybe even a plain vanilla drive.


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