Storage Spaces complaints

At homeservershow we came across a pcdoc's story telling about Storage Spaces failure. However based on the description we may suppose that in this case Storage Spaces worked properly, a culprit of failure was a HPT 2680 controller. A RAID controller beeps only in two cases: when the controller itself failed or when one of the disks connected to it failed. If a Storage Spaces pool placed on the disks connected to a controller is about to fail, a controller will not know about it. 

Since no drivers were installed, it doesn't make sense to expect a detailed diagnostic from the controller. We can assume that disks were not guilty of a failure, since checking did not detect anything and the disks had good SMART characteristics. So the only remaining possibility is that a controller failure occurred. It is impossible to point out the reason of failure without access to the controller itself. Having looked over user's comments on NewEgg we may assume that it was overheating issue.


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