Storage Spaces Recovery system requirements

Based on the first real-world test of ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery we found out that Storage Spaces recovery is generally limited by CPU power rather than memory and disk throughput. Thus, new projected system requirements look like this:
  • no less than 512 MB RAM per disk
  • although there is no minimum CPU limit, it is desirable to have one core per each two disks.
While the number of processor cores is less than half the number of disks, adding cores increases performance linearly. We know definitely that if the number of processor cores is equal to the number of disks, adding cores no longer makes sense.
In the intermediate case, when one core handles two or less disks, it is impossible to accurately predict what the performance will be in terms of speed gain.
So the system with four cores and 8 GB of memory should cover most needs. In other words, you can still get away with some high-end desktop hardware.


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