Why there will be no saved-state feature in ReclaiMe software

In average, ReclaiMe File Recovery brings data in less than 48 hours - with NTFS you typically see the files within a couple of hours, with HFS or ReFS you should wait till the end of the scan which takes about 12 hours for a 2 TB disk (SATA connection). ReclaiMe RAID Recovery scans drives in parallel so you are limited by the slowest and largest drive - with a 4 TB drive in the set you expect something like 24 hours. So, in 48 hours you definitely get data with ReclaiMe software. If recovery takes more than 48 hours, it is possible that there is a failed drive (with bad sectors) and you should consider imaging the drive in question first.

If the PC running data recovery cannot work for 48 hours non-stop, you should repair hardware first and only then proceed with data recovery. Anyway, with such a PC there is a great chance that data recovery will produce either incorrect data or, even worse, something that seems to be normal files with just "slightly" damaged content, due to subtle memory corruption or a similar problem.


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