Been answering a support query recently, and mentioned to client that USB is outright bad in all respects [for data recovery use].

Well, pretty much so,
  • if one of the drives has a bad block, quite likely the USB converter will lock up on hitting that block;
  • with USB 2.0, speed is 15 MB/sec maximum, for all drives combined,
    • even if you have what appears to be different ports, they will be routed through a same root port or hub anyway;
  • devices advertised as USB 3.0 often work at 2.0 speeds, with no warning whatsoever;
  • power supply issues and limitations are difficult to control, 
    • especially so if hubs are involved;
  • any setup with daisy-chained hubs is unstable,
    • especially so with USB 3.0;

So, think twice before starting a recovery with a laptop-based all-USB setup.


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