Upcoming: free RAID recovery software

We are now developing a RAID recovery software. As you know, RAID recovery boils down to two independent steps - RAID parameters recovery and the subsequent recovery of data off the reconstructed array. Knowing the array parameters, the data recovery (second step) can be done using any data recovery software. The RAID parameters reconstruction is not such an easy task, and frankly speaking, there are very few RAID reconstruction tools.

So, we decided to develop our own RAID parameters recovery software, which we think would be the best of ever been, and at the best possible price.

Our RAID parameters recovery software will work with RAID 0 and RAID 5 The output would be either a parameter set, or an image file of the entire RAID array. The option to write the array data directly to the specified device is also considered.

We are planning to release the software by the end of September (year 2010, you know). All the other specifics like download location is still to be determined. Keep an eye on our blog posts.


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