Waterproof or not?

Roaming the web we stumbled upon a blog post that tells about new waterproof SD card technology. Naturally, we wondered whether such memory cards are really needed or may be ordinary cards are just enough. So we gathered memory cards which were at hand and also decided not to ignore a USB pen drive. We formatted and put files on all of them.
Then we filled a microwave container with water, put all the devices into it, and left them sit underwater for half an hour.

So we got (left to right)

  • Nikon EC8-CF 8MB CompactFlash
  • Transcend JetFlash V30 2GB (USB pen drive)
  • Sandisk M2 2GB
  • Kingston MMC mobile 1GB

under water

After that we got the devices out, wiped them dry and connected to the computer one by one.

And here is the result of our experiment: all of the memory cards work well with their content intact. As for the USB pen drive, we were concerned for a moment that we killed as we watched it sink slowly, filling up with water. However, in the end, the pen drive works perfectly as well.


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