What they don’t tell you about all the new technology

Some new technologies have side effects which decrease data redundancy. Such technologies are:
  • NTFS compression
  • Windows Vista/7 vs. Windows NT/2000/XP complete format
  • TRIM on SSDs
  • ZFS deduplication
Initially, the effect of decreasing redundancy is unnoticeable, but once the technology becomes popular, the unintended consequences appear.
  • Volume-level NTFS compression never became widespread among home users.
  • As Windows Vista and then Windows 7 become widespread, the number of cases when data is lost irreversibly due to reinstallation increased. You can recover some data after XP reinstallation, but not after Vista/7 reinstallation with a complete format.
  • SSDs with TRIM are not widespread enough (yet) to notice that data recovery software does not properly work with them.
  • As for ZFS-based NASes, then on the one hand they are not widespread among the home users, on the other hand - even the first installations did not yet reach the end of their service life.


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