Moving RAID 1 between controllers

Is it possible to move a RAID 1 (mirror) set between controllers?

In RAID1, two disks are exact duplicates of each other as far as user data is concerned. The RAID controller metadata is probably disk-specific, but that does not practically matter.

Because the disks are identical, there is no point in moving entire RAID 1. Move one disk, then make a mirror from it. The question should thus be restated as

Is it possible to use one member disk of RAID 1 with a different controller?

The answer depends on a controller in use. With most controllers, you can connect the RAID 1 member disk in whatever way you like and the data would be accessible. There are however some controllers which append their metadata before the user data on the member disks. With these, the direct migration is not possible. Use either a same model or a compatible controller, or use something like TestDisk or DiskPatch to do a partition recovery and make the filesystem mountable again.


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