MSI 7681 P67A-GD65-B3 4 short beeps and reboot loop

If you have an MSI 7681 P67A-GD65-B3 mainboard, and it emits four (4) short beeps, then shuts down and goes into reboot loop, even before the BIOS is shown, consider the following

1. There are two generations of Intel iX socket 1155 CPUs, called Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge. Of the two generations Ivy Bridge is the latest.
2. The MSI 7681 mainboard supports Sandy Bridge CPUs out of the box. Ivy Bridge CPUs require a BIOS update.

Verify that you aren't trying to install an Ivy Bridge CPU into a motherboard without a BIOS update. If you just unpacked it, it is most certain that you need a BIOS update. Temporarily install an older Sandy Bridge CPU, update the BIOS, and you should be fine.

Now the word of caution, it appears from the Internet forums that installing an update prevents the board from starting with an old version of the CPU.


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