Reliability of Storage Spaces

At various times, there was a variety of tools to organize disk space on the PCs running under Windows both native such as Drive Extender (now extinct) in Windows Home Server, Logical Disk Manager (LDM) in Windows 7, Storage Spaces in Windows 8 Storage Spaces, and third party tools like StableBit or DriveBender.
Now less than two months after Windows 8 with Storage Spaces is released, it would seem that everything is bad - people on different sites cry that Storage Spaces is buggy and doesn't work. However, surprising as it may be, software developed by Microsoft is more reliable and better tested than any third party tools.
By this moment, obviously, Storage Spaces has a larger user base in terms of installations, number of disks, capacity of stored data, and disk-hours online than all the software from different vendors combined for all the time of their existence.


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