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Why there is no technical support by phone in data recovery

Once in a while people demand that we provide technical support not only by e-mails, but by phone as well. Despite the apparent reasonableness of the request, it is not that simple in practice. A typical case of technical data recovery support via email looks like the following:   A client contacts our technical support and describes his or her problem for the first time.   We send a reply where we ask the questions to clarify obscure points. Usually we have three to five questions (although there may be more) which are organized as a numbered list. In the following email a client answers the questions. There are cases when client needs time to think or do some simple checks to answer the questions. In response to the message from a client, we send a list of recommended actions or step-by-step instructions as to what he or she should do next. There are cases when boilerplate instructions fit just right; however, almost half of all cases require pondering on our side t