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QNAP Data Recovery

We were doing some experiments with our QNAP TS-639: pulled off six drives storing several real shares total capacity of 7.5 TB, inserted new blank drives and created a new RAID5 over them, made new test shares, loaded the data to them, and turned off the system. When we put the old disks (with real shares) to the corresponding bays and turned on the unit, the system has booted without a problem but…our Windows 7 PC could no longer see the NAS. QFinder saw the NAS and reported that the QNAP had an IP address. More than that, all the shares were available in the Control panel of QFinder.   Went to the General setting in QFinder and everything looked good in there: Tried to map a network drive as described here and got the following: " Network failure: the device was not found on the network. Please check the device status. " In Windows Network we had the following: Clicked the NAS from the