APFS Data Recovery

Apple File System, APFS for short, is a brand-new filesystem released in 2017. The goal is to replace HFS+ which has been in use on Apple computers since 1998. Formally released in late 2017, APFS filesystem began to be used by default on Apple computers running under MacOS High Sierra.
Among the main features of APFS filesystem are

  • 64-bit pointers allowing to address 2^56 blocks
  • More accurate created/accesses/modification time measured in nanoseconds since 1970-01-01
  • Copy-on-write
  • Sharing blocks between APFS volumes
  • Native full-disk encryption

We are happy to announce that now ReclaiMe data recovery software is capable of recovering data from APFS-formatted devices be it a USB thumb drive, or external hard drive, or internal SSD boot drive.

You can download the latest build of ReclaiMe at www.ReclaiMe.com.


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