Finally a free RAID recovery software

We have released ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery which is available for downloading at As the name implies, this is absolutely free RAID recovery software. The tool reconstructs most widely used RAID layouts - RAID 0, RAID 5, and RAID 01/10. ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery is capable of recovering the following array parameters:
  • start offset,
  • block size,
  • member disks and data order,
  • parity position and rotation.

Once you recovered the RAID parameters, you can:

  • Run ReclaiMe data recovery software to recover data from the array;
  • Create the array image file;
  • Write the array to disk;
  • Save layout to the XML file;
  • Get the instructions and recover data using other data recovery software.
In addition to the fact that the tool is absolutely free, it is really simple to use - no Settings button at all. All you need to start RAID recovery is to select the available member disks (our tool can reconstruct RAID 5 with one disk missing), decide on the array type, and click Start.


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